2023 Personal Commitment Cards

Did you receive a personal goals commitment card in church on November 20? In case you missed it, you can download and print your own card, or you can pick up one in the Atrium in church. On Consecration Sunday, we not only turned in our financial pledges for 2023, but Keith Keeton challenged us to set personal goals for ourselves for next year as well. He reminded us that stewardship is about more than just money.

These goal cards are personal and for you to keep. We encourage you to place the card in a place where you can see it as a reminder all year long.

2023 Church Leadership

Our church leadership for 2023 was recently approved by our Church Council at our Charge Conference on October 2. Thank you to our members who have agreed to serve next year!
View the list of the 2023 church leadership

Band Together

Connection is extremely important. Jesus changed the world by forming deep relationships with a few people who would then carry on His work beyond His earthly life. He even said that the very credibility of His life and message in the eyes of unbelievers would be dependent upon the way His followers relate to each other (see John 17).

Learn more about BANDing together

RightNow Media

Have you accessed our free online resource, RightNow Media?

RightNow Media is an online library that works much like Netflix, giving you access to thousands of Christian media resources. These resources are great for a small group, a Sunday School class or for personal study and reflection. Parents of young children will also enjoy the multitude of children's videos that are accessible through RightNow Media. 

If you have already set up your RightNow Media account, access it here from your phone, computer, tablet, Roku or other streaming device.

If you have never accessed RightNow Media account before, click here to set up a new user account.

Have fun browsing your new free resource! If you have any questions, please contact Susan Eaton.