In-Person Worship Has Resumed!

We are excited to be back in our building for in-person worship! Our worship service times have changed temporarily due to our continued season dealing with COVID-19. Traditional worship is held at 9 a.m. in the Sanctuary, and our Founders Hall service is at 10:30 a.m. You no longer need to RSVP for Sunday morning services.

Children's Time is held at 10 a.m. in the Youth Chapel. You do not have to RSVP to attend Children's Time. Our nursery is open to children age Pre-K and younger, and parents must RSVP here.

For safety reasons, we will NOT have Sunday School at this time.

If you choose not to attend yet for any reason, please know that we will continue to offer online worship via our Facebook page at 10:30 a.m.

We are also offering a parking lot communion service every Sunday evening. This is a perfect worship opportunity for those who have health issues and cannot attend worship inside our building. 

Advent Worship Series

The Christmas craziness starts early. There’s a critical season in the Christian year BEFORE Christmas called Advent, but it often gets crowded out by artificial lights, travel plans and shopping lists. Advent occurs the four Sundays prior to Christmas day. The themes are about how we wait for the coming of Christ. If there’s any year we need to learn how to wait, it’s 2020! Advent gives us the gifts of reflection, repentance and delayed gratification. These gifts don’t come natural to us! 

First Baptist Church of Washington, D.C. had this theme a few years ago. Here’s how Rev. Julie Pennington-Russell put it:

“Advent has a gift it wants to give, which our souls desperately need. Advent, if observed intentionally and wit an open heart, helps us resist some of the Christmas craziness out there. Advent offers us the simple joy of offering our hearts and minds to Christ. In this holy season, our chief assignment is to watch, wait and worship. Doesn’t that sound like something of a relief?” 

It does — it really does. I can’t think of a better assignment as we close out 2020. Don’t rush. Don’t hurry. Wait. God has a word for us! Come join us for worship in person or online!

Susan and Stewart Eaton's Self-Care Book Helping Many

A couple years ago, when a teenager and her mom approached Reverend Susan Eaton for counseling to ease their struggles with anxiety, Eaton wished she had a resource to give them to provide the peace they sought. This encounter planted a seed for Eaton, discipleship pastor at Parkway Heights United Methodist Church. 

Months later, when her own son revealed his feelings of depression and anxiety, Eaton decided it was time to make the idea of a resource come to fruition. She joined forces with her husband, Stewart Eaton, a licensed professional counselor at Pine Grove Behavioral Health, to write You’re Gonna Be Okay.  

“I started writing my son notes and doing breathing practices and relaxation exercises with him among other things,” Rev. Eaton said. “Stewart and I pulled from our knowledge, gifts and resources to help him. This book was a product of the journey we’ve been on with our son. It’s also the resource I always wanted but didn’t have. Even though I saw the need for it awhile back, it took going through it ourselves to make it a reality.”

The book was written to serve as a loving guide and companion to help those navigating the darkness of depression and anxiety. You’re Gonna Be Okay provides readings, prayers, journaling prompts and online links to music, as well as other helpful online resources. Each entry was written to help readers gain a new perspective and better understand the emotions they're experiencing, all while restoring the belief that they're going to be okay.

The book was released July 25, 2020, and has been very successful so far. Several weeks after the book’s debut, it was the number one new release in multiple categories on Amazon, including the Christian Counseling section and the Teen and Young Adult Depression and Mental Health section.

Nicolet Bell, director of student ministries for St. Matthew’s United Methodist Church in Madison, MS, works closely with young people who face a struggle with anxiety and depression every day; and she highly recommended the book. 

Bell said, “The Eatons’ new book is so timely! In a world where anxiety and depression are so prevalent, especially in our young people, we need this truth. The book takes scripture and brings it to life for those struggling or for those who love someone who is struggling. It’s thoughtfully written and organized in a way that is easy to read (especially for young people).”

You’re Gonna Be Okay is currently available in e-book and paperback versions on Amazon. Learn more about the book and the authors at

Band Together

Connection is extremely important. Jesus changed the world by forming deep relationships with a few people who would then carry on His work beyond His earthly life. He even said that the very credibility of His life and message in the eyes of unbelievers would be dependent upon the way His followers relate to each other (see John 17).

Learn more about BANDing together

RightNow Media

Have you accessed our free online resource, RightNow Media?

RightNow Media is an online library that works much like Netflix, giving you access to thousands of Christian media resources. These resources are great for a small group, a Sunday School class or for personal study and reflection. Parents of young children will also enjoy the multitude of children's videos that are accessible through RightNow Media. 

If you have already set up your RightNow Media account, access it here from your phone, computer, tablet, Roku or other streaming device.

If you have never accessed RightNow Media account before, click here to set up a new user account.

Have fun browsing your new free resource! If you have any questions, please contact Susan Eaton.