Our mission is no different that the church’s: As seekers, we connect, equip and send faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. In our Youth Ministry we simply take this mission and focus it on persons who are in the life-stage of adolescence.


Sunday Nights @ Parkway

Sunday Nights @ Parkway are the large group gatherings of our Youth Ministry. It's a way for our students in grade 7-12 to come together for food, fun and fellowship. Each SN@P night has a different focus, whether it be worship or an outreach project or a game night or special event.

SN@P typically begins each week at 5:30 p.m. in Founders Hall during the school year.


Discipleship groups, or D-Groups, are our Youth Ministry's small groups that are divided by age and gender. D-groups meet on Wednesday evenings at the church or at area restaurants. D-Groups allow our young people to grow closer to each other by sharing more deeply in a smaller setting.

Retreats & Special Events

One of the favorite parts of our Youth Ministry is the tradition of youth retreats and special events. Our students experience personal growth and fun times through spiritual life retreats throughout the year. They are also involved with special activities, such as lake outings and events at the USM Wesley Foundation as well.


United Methodists use the term "confirmation" to make the first time a baptized Christian publicly confirms their intention to live the vows of the baptismal and membership covenant and so becomes a professing member of a local congregation and the United Methodist Church.

At Parkway Heights, our seventh graders typically begin the confirmation journey in early fall and are confirmed in November. This is a very important time in the lives of these young people, as they learn a great deal throughout many weeks of classes and then publicly profess their faith in Christ in front of their church family.