International Missions

  • The living conditions of the Honduran people are difficult. They receive little or no health care and lack sufficient food, clothing and housing. Even so, they are warm and welcoming and joyful when our mission teams visit. Parkway Heights has participated in this mission since 2000. During these 17 consecutive years, more than 10,000 medical and 1,200 dental patients have been assisted; roughly 50,000 prescriptions have been filled; and over 2,500 dental extractions have been performed. During each week-long mission trip, people are also assisted with hearing aids; heart, hernia and cosmetic surgeries; and improvements to their buildings. This ministry also includes daily Vacation Bible School for hundreds of children and nightly worship services.

  • This mission to Costa Rica began in 2006 with two small groups led by missionary Fred Curry. In the ensuing years, the ministry has experienced phenomenal growth. Thousands of families have received food, school uniforms, supplies and prayer. Individuals from Parkway Heights have participated on different trips to Costa Rica with this ministry throughout the years; and we also support Rice and Beans through children's gift boxes, disaster relief and more.


    Our youth and leaders have taken two mission trips to Peru with Living Missions Peru. Through this partnership, our teams enjoyed sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the Peruvian people. Our group led a Bible school for children, provided health training and did construction work.

  • UMCOR is a non-profit organization dedicated to alleviating human suffering around the world. Its work reaches people in more than 80 countries, including the United States. Whether it’s the result of war, conflict or natural disaster, UMCOR works to intervene where life has been disrupted. Parkway Heights supports UMCOR with donations of money and supplies.