Give to Parkway Heights

Parkway Heights offers the opportunity to donate and tithe your funds directly from our website. It is through your gifts that we can continue to grow God's Kingdom and spread the love of Christ to others. We are grateful for your generosity and faithfulness!


Christmas/Easter Offering

Each week, Parkway Heights receives numerous requests for assistance. Our neighbors are often struggling to put food on the table, purchase medications, buy gas in order to travel to doctor appointments and with other situations. We do our best to help those in the greatest need, with the resources we have. We use our best judgment to determine what assistance to offer.

To fund this ministry, we use the "Christmas/Easter Offering." Twice a year, at Christmas and Easter, we ask our congregation to support this benevolence fund. This fund is also used whenever new mission and ministry opportunities arise, which do not have support from the current budget. 

This Easter, due to the challenges we are all facing because of COVID-19, we are not mailing requests for gifts to the Christmas/Easter Offering. However, if you'd like to support this fund, we would greatly appreciate it!

One way you can give to this fund is through #TheFrontStepsProjectMS led by Jennifer Allen. We are thankful for Jennifer's thoughtfulness and leadership in this project, and we hope you will participate!